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AllMeds and its predecessor company, Integrated Computer Systems (ICS) have been developing and supporting software since 1987. The concept of AllMeds, or "All of Medicine" is to develop the clinical content and functionality required to assist physicians in improving the quality and economics of office practice. To achieve this goal, AllMeds built an enterprise solution, centered about a specialty specific EHR, that leverages physician and staff time. Improved use of resources allows a practice to spend more time with patients and less time with "process", thus improving both quality and income.

The AllMeds Team believes the foundation for a successful medical information system is deep clinical content. Using our proprietary development software and thousands of hours of work by our multi-specialty medical directors, we have developed, specialty by specialty, the content necessary for powerful electronic health records.

Our headquarters is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and we have sales office across the United States. AllMeds is one of the most rapidly growing organizations of its type in the country and is continually expanding sales, training, implementation and support services.

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