Meaningful Use Support & Monitoring Services for
Federal EHR Incentive Programs

Implementing and effectively using an EHR is one thing.  Successfully navigating to Meaningful Use is another.  That’s why AllMeds created MUcare™.

Federal incentives can introduce a host of additional burdens on Eligible Professionals and administrators who are already saddled with too many other responsibilities. Today’s specialty practices need an EHR partner who sees their role as one that continues from implementation all the way to attestation…and payment.

AllMeds’ unique MUcare service and support program delivers to customers a dedicated team of specialists who are committed to guiding them through the complexities of either Stage 1 or Stage 2 of the Medicare/Medicaid incentive programs. Our MUcare team provides extensive Meaningful Use training, coaching, setup and monitoring services with a remarkable track record of success.

MUcare provides an optional level of services for AllMeds customers and, for many program components, is customized for individual practice needs, such as optional menu items and workflows. MUcare better ensures that new functionality is properly configured and correctly employed for incentives participation.  Assistance is tailored to accommodate the significant differences between the program’s Stages. For instance, Stage 2 assistance not only covers new objectives and measures, but also helps with the implementation and usage of secure patient messaging, establishment of secure Exchange accounts, electronic data submissions to CMS, etc.*

AllMeds MUcare, EHR Incentive Program

MU Coaching

AllMeds’ MUcare delivers accessible specialists who are able to knowledgeably answer questions, troubleshoot issues and locate additional resources that are vital to the day-to-day functioning of a practice aiming for Meaningful Use incentives.  Take advantage of MUcare’s up-to-date educational and training services, designed for eligible professionals (EP), administrators and staff members.  Learning opportunities are provided via cost-effective and efficient online seminars and led by highly-trained and dedicated MUcare specialists.

MU Setup

Properly configuring your EHR to effectively operate at MU-required levels can be a complex task which most EPs and administrators would rather leave to highly-trained experts. Before participating in federal programs, practice-unique settings and workflow adjustments must be identified and implemented. The location and testing of Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks is required, vital clinical decision support rules are designed, and workflows for collecting critical MU information are discussed.MUcare assists your group in performing these intricate steps, moving your EPs closer to qualification and payment-recognition.

MU Monitoring

Today’s specialty practices already have too many balls in the air to be expected to watch a myriad of scores over extended reporting periods.  MUcare provides a scheduled monitoring service prior to attestation that helps you keep watchful eyes on perfomance trends. With the assistance of AllMeds’ MU dashboard and reporting tools, AllMeds' MU Specialists help practices monitor for “red flags,” to identify unique causal agents & call attention to the issues, bringing scores back into “the green”.

MU Success

Implementing a certified EHR is only the first step toward achieving Meaningful Use.  Ensuring that your EPs successfully meet performance requirements and measurements is just as crucial.  AllMeds’ MUcare™ provides your practice with the services and support needed to better ensure the proper setup, guidance and effective participation in today’s incentive programs.

*Requires separate purchase of AllMeds Patient Portal.

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