AllMeds users are a highly specialized and tight-knit community of professionals, who are eager to share their experiences and suggestions with other users across the country. This customer-driven dynamic is what makes AllMeds' solutions the most effective on the market. And, that's why AllMeds created provides the AllMeds community with a centralized and organized location for news, helpful articles, training tips & materials, and customer service procedures and suggestions. There's even an elearning site that provides streaming video-based Interactive Training Modules and free Demonstration Modules!

Accessing MyAllMeds

Who: All registered AllMeds users are able to access content.

When: MyAllMeds is available 24/7

MyAllMeds features information that is intended exclusively for our customer community. Therefore, it requires login information that is tied to individual practice profiles. To facilitate the introduction of the site to your staff, an initial account has been established for administrators to create unique accounts for each of the practice's readers. To obtain your group's initial login ID and password, please contact AllMeds Customer Service at 888.343.6337 x2 after you have been implemented.

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