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Practice Management (PM)A Revolutionary Solution for Today's Challenging Practice Environment

AllMeds Practice Manager provides the advanced workflow solutions and business intelligence tools required by modern practices to achieve operational goals and retain financial independence. Built with cutting-edge technologies to address today’s healthcare realities, Practice Manager’s innovative and flexible architecture accommodates wide ranges of practice sizes, organizational structures and unique processes.

AllMeds SmartQ...for Game-Changing and Practice-Wide Improvements.

Practice Manager’s SmartQ™ technology is the game-changing solution that today’s practices have been waiting for. The revolutionary Predictive Modeling Engine actively monitors practice dynamics and manages them with intelligent adjustments to workflows across your entire practice.

  • SmartQ anticipates your practice’s constantly-changing needs and resources to eliminate inefficiencies and ensure that tasks requiring the most urgent attention are proactively delivered to the right users, at the right time.
  • Customizable SmartQ functionality automatically delivers the most urgent tasks to the most appropriate-resource.
  • Practice Manager’s Recall Queue and Wait List easily identifies patients to schedule for follow-up and suddenly-open appointments.
  • Analyzes incoming payments for contract-consistency, sends underpayments and denied claims to appropriate resources for more efficient handling.
  • Routes referrals & authorizations for pre-encounter workup, better ensuring that clean claims reach payers the first time.

Manage Your Business… with Powerfully-Effective Financial Tools

  • AllMeds EstiMate™ delivers accurate co-pays/deductibles to maximize collection rates BEFORE you provide services.
  • AllMeds technology streamlines claims scrubbing and transmissions to deliver more first-time payments than ever before.
  • Real-time voice or electronic statement delivery and claims submission reduces your billing cycle.
  • Editable, on-screen HCFA forms make claims-entry activities more accurate and efficient.

     AllMeds Practice Manager makes accessing and analyzing all your data a breeze with an intuitive, drag-and-drop Report Builder and customizable graphs that feature drill-down efficiencies. Quickly export your reports for further analysis, inclusion in documents, or distribution to wider audiences via email or the web!

Manage Your Office… Accurately with Deep Data

APM’s Data Engine provides greater access to your patient data and converts it into actionable and profitable reports.

  • An extensive library of standard and customizable reports provides your practice’s most critical metrics.
  • APM’s Report Designer presents a user-friendly interface and allows you to create exportable custom reports of nearly anything happening in your practice.
  • Leverage your data to market your Practice for additional revenue and new patients.
  • The Inventory Module streamlines your serialized and non-serialized items on claim forms or for direct-bill patients.

Manage Your Communications… with Innovative Patient Engagement Tools

Practice Manager’s Patient Portal allows patients to conveniently request appointments and refills, make payments, and provide critical PFSH and demographic information.

  • Advanced communication solutions facilitates crucial Patient Engagement needs in effective and efficient manners.
  • AllMeds’ Patient Portal provides a convenient way to request appointments and refills, make payments, and provide critical PFSH and demographic information.
  • PatientConnect™ automatically notifies patients of appointments, products/services & balances via phone, email or SMS texts.
  • QuickPAY™ removes barriers (and delays) to payments by accepting Credit Card and Electronic Funds Transfers.

Manage Your Infrastructure… Efficiently in the Cloud

Practice Manager leverages the latest cloud technology to deliver an agile and responsive platform, requiring fewer resources and costs on your end.

  • Runs in standard browsers to deliver lower cost of ownership and faster implementations.
  • Accessible from web-enabled PCs and mobile devices for any-time necessities.
  • Automated, off-Site backups eliminates the need for an often overlooked, but critical task.
  • Cloud-based management facilitates effortless updates to the latest features.

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